Corona pandemic: rhineland-palatinate takes protection into its own hands

Germany, like the rest of the world, is currently battling the Corona pandemic. This not only affects the health of the population, but also the economy of the country. For this reason, the government in Rhineland-Palatinate has decided to strengthen the protective shield for the state.

Corona pandemic: rhineland-palatinate takes protection into its own hands

A supplementary budget of 4.4 billion euros will finance measures to strengthen healthcare and support the economy. Special attention is being paid to supporting small and medium-sized enterprises, which are suffering particularly from the effects of the crisis. The focus here is on caring for the population and securing jobs.

Corona pandemic: rhineland-palatinate takes protection into its own hands

In addition, an emergency aid fund has been set up for companies and the self-employed to provide financial support quickly and unbureaucratically. Measures have also been adopted for families particularly suffering from the effects of the Corona pandemic. These include improving digital education and providing support for single parents.

Rhineland-Palatinate thus shows that it is acting to protect the health and well-being of the population and stabilize the state’s economy.

Government approves supplementary budget and emergency fund

In light of the Corona pandemic, the government of Rhineland-Palatinate has decided to launch a supplementary budget and an emergency fund to mitigate the impact on the population and the economy. Supplemental budget includes increased spending to fund necessary measures to contain the pandemic.

The emergency fund is intended to help small businesses and self-employed people in particular who have run into financial difficulties as a result of the crisis. Funds will be made available to provide grants and enable loans for this purpose. The population is also to benefit from the fund, for example by being able to defer rents.

The government stresses that it is important to help quickly and without bureaucracy to cushion the impact of the crisis. Supplementary budget and emergency fund will be implemented in the coming weeks to help Rhineland-Palatinate emerge stronger from the crisis.

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