Lots of potential, lots of hurdles: why africa imports food

Lots of potential, lots of hurdles: why africa imports food

The African continent is home to some of the world’s richest agricultural countries and is a major player in the global food market. Despite this, Africa still imports large amounts of food from other countries.

This is partly because African countries suffer from severe structural problems despite rich agricultural resources. These include limited infrastructure, limited access to finance and technology, and political instability.

Patents: what you need to know

Patents are important legal instruments that protect innovations and inventions. Obtaining a patent gives inventors the right to use, sell, and otherwise profit from their invention on their own. But how does the patent system work? What requirements must be met in order to obtain a patent? And what are some examples of successful patent applications?
In this article we will discuss these issues in detail. We will explain how patents work, what criteria an invention must meet to be patented, and what steps are necessary to obtain a patent. In addition, we will look at some successful patent applications to show how patents can promote innovation.
Whether you are an inventor yourself or simply want to learn more about the system of patents, this article will provide you with comprehensive information. Read on to find out everything you need to know about patents.

Patents – protect your inventions!

What are patents?
Patents are legal protection that gives the owner an exclusive right to use an invention. Only the patent holder is allowed to make, sell or trade these inventions. In return, the patent holder is obliged to make his invention public so that others can learn from it and develop further innovations.
How patents work
To obtain a patent, certain requirements must be met. The invention must be new, d.h. it must not yet be publicly known. In addition, it must be capable of being made or applied in a way that actually works. The inventive step must also be proven, d.h. the invention must go beyond the prior art.
Patent application
After the requirements are met, the patent application can be filed. As a rule, this is done by a patent attorney. The application consists of a description of the invention and technical drawings illustrating the invention. A patent claim must also be formulated, defining the scope of protection of the patent. The patent application is filed with the appropriate patent office.
Examples of patents
There are many examples of patents that are granted in different fields. An example is the patent on the bottle cap. It protects the invention of a cap that can be easily screwed on and off. The patented cane for the blind is also one of the inventions that are protected. This is a stick that gives an acoustic signal when an obstacle is nearby. Patents are granted in all industries, from the pharmaceutical industry to the IT industry.

Bp suffers losses again for the first time

A cornerstone of the European economy, the BP company, has made losses for the first time in several years. The company had improved its balance sheets and made profits in recent years, but the current financial figures now show a loss.

The reasons for the poor results include a difficult economy, low oil prices and the impact of the coronavirus pandemic. Nevertheless, BP has announced that it will stick to its long-term plans for the future and continue to invest in renewable energies.

Nordgate at expo real in munich

EXPO REAL in Munich is the leading trade fair for real estate and investment. More than 2.000 exhibitors from over 40 countries present their projects and services at the fair. NORDGATE was also represented at EXPO REAL this year.

NORDGATE is a leading provider of logistics real estate and industrial properties in Europe. The company specializes in the development, construction and leasing of warehousing and distribution centers as well as production facilities. NORDGATE uses EXPO REAL as a platform to present its latest projects and developments.

How to invest in biotech when the value has no discernible meaning

When it comes to investing in the biotech industry, it can be challenging to determine the value of a company, especially if it is an emerging, up-and-coming company. There may be no obvious financial metrics to rely on, and it’s difficult to quantify the true value of technology and intellectual property.
But that doesn’t mean investing in biotech is a losing proposition. In fact, the biotech industry offers great opportunities for investors who are willing to invest some patience and care in their decisions. By understanding some key factors, such as the company’s track record and the quality of its leadership team, they can make informed decisions about which companies are suitable to invest in.
In this article, we will highlight some tips and strategies for investing in biotech companies, especially when the value of the company is not clearly defined. We will focus on some of the key factors that should be considered to evaluate a company’s potential in this fast-moving and exciting industry.

Why the value of the biotechnology industry is often difficult to determine

The biotech industry is an extremely dynamic and complex industry that is evolving and changing very quickly. This often results in the value of companies in the industry being difficult to determine. There are many factors that determine value, such as quality of management, development of products and technologies, patents, research results, and competition and market trends.

For a coffee with… Patrick bollmann

Welcome to a very special interview with Patrick Bollmann, a successful entrepreneur from Germany. Bollmann has had a remarkable career in recent years, working with some of the world’s best-known tech companies. He has made a name for himself as an outstanding innovator in the world of technology, and we are delighted to have him as our guest here today.

In our interview, we’ll talk with Patrick about his experience in technology, his inspiring career, and the challenges and opportunities for companies in today’s business world. For anyone interested in succeeding in the world of entrepreneurship, this interview is a must-read.

5 High dividend yield stocks to fight inflation

In a world where inflation keeps rising, many investors are looking for ways to hedge their portfolios. Investing in stocks with a high dividend yield is one of the best ways to protect your assets. Dividend stocks provide their investors with a stable source of income and can generate long-term returns.

We set out to find 5 dividend stocks that are currently particularly rewarding and can help investors fight inflation. These stocks not only offer high yields, but also stable and consistent income streams that will persist even if inflation rises.

Bowling game kata: a challenge for event sourcing

Event sourcing is a concept in software development that is gaining more and more importance. The idea is that all changes to a system are stored as events. This makes it possible to reconstruct the state of a system at any point in time. The challenge here is to put this concept into practice while finding a solution that is efficient and scalable.

The Bowling Game Kata is an exercise task that is perfect for practicing event sourcing. The goal of the kata is to implement a class that represents the scoring system of a bowling game. The idea is that all events, such as.B. The addition of a ball or the scoring of a strike, are saved.

An undervalued value stock in the technology sector

The technology sector has generated numerous innovations in recent years and has shown enormous growth potential. Currently, shares in this sector are in great demand, as many investors are hoping for high returns. But not all companies are perceived in the same way. An exciting value stock might be underestimated for many investors – and wrongly so!

Those who are already invested in shares know that it is not only the growth potential but also the current value that counts. Value stocks have the potential to be undervalued and thus offer a favorable entry opportunity. There is also such a stock in the technology sector, which often does not get enough attention. But what makes them so special?