Comparison is more worthwhile than ever: car insurers are massively increasing premiums

The cost of car insurance has been rising steadily for years. But this year many insurers have again massively increased their premiums. For example, many motorists in Germany have to reckon with up to 30 percent higher costs.

What are the reasons for this increase? On the one hand, higher losses due to accidents and thefts play a role here. On the other hand, the general conditions for insurers have also changed. For example, interest rates are low and penalties for insufficient reserves are high. In addition, there are rising administrative costs.

Buying real estate: this is what you should consider when taking out a home loan

Buying a home is one of the biggest and most important steps many of us will take in our lifetime. It is often the case that one is not able to pay for the house entirely from one’s own funds. Instead, many must take out home construction financing to make their dream home a reality.

When looking for a suitable home loan, there are many things to consider. It is important to be clear about which loan best suits individual needs. Not only the effective interest rate plays an important role, but also other costs.

Corona crisis: coverage in times of pandemic

The Corona pandemic has been keeping the world on tenterhooks for over a year now, affecting our daily lives in many ways. Even though there are slowly easing, the issue is far from settled. Many people have suffered financial losses in the crisis and now have to keep a close eye on their expenses. Especially with regard to car insurance, this can be a challenge.

We would like to present 5 tips on how you can still be in the best possible position and remain protected during this difficult time. Our experts have taken a close look at this topic and can give you valuable advice on what to look out for.

10 Tips on health insurance: how to secure the best coverage for yourself

Health insurance is an important part of our healthcare system and therefore essential for everyone living in Germany. Good health insurance ensures that the costs of treatment, medication and hospitalization are covered in the event of illness. But which insurance plan is best for you and how can you save money most effectively? In this article, we give you 10 tips on health insurance coverage.

With our help, you can get the best coverage while getting the best value for your money. We will show you the differences between private and statutory health insurance, which supplementary insurances make sense and what you should bear in mind when changing health insurance companies. Read on and learn more!

Loss of thirty jobs: what happens to lost work data?

Digitization and the associated advances in data storage and transmission have fundamentally changed the way businesses operate. Most records and documents are now stored in digital form. The advantages are obvious: data can be found, edited, archived and even transferred from one place to another quickly and easily. But what happens when a company that operates this way fails and all data is irretrievably lost? This could happen with increasing frequency in the future, whether due to cyberattacks, natural disasters or the loss of critical infrastructure.

The consequences for employees of such a company can be catastrophic: especially if they are held responsible for the loss of work data. 30 People who have just lost their jobs are facing this reality after a Russian company responsible for aircraft certification was hacked. All of their digital data, including work data, has been irretrievably lost. How can companies protect their projects and their employees from such a disaster?

What if mom or dad die? Providing for family risk

The death of a parent is one of the most difficult experiences a child can go through. While loss inevitably brings grief and pain, it can also have a long-term financial impact on a family. The cost of a funeral, as well as other expenses, can quickly become immeasurable, especially if the remaining parent must bear the financial burden alone.
However, it’s not just hard for families who have only one income. Even two-income families can face significant difficulties without adequate protection if one parent dies unexpectedly. It is therefore of utmost importance for every parent to prepare for unforeseen events in order to provide for their family in the event they can no longer do so. One way to do this is to invest in a term insurance policy.
The decision to purchase term insurance can be difficult for parents, especially those with limited incomes or poor credit scores. However, it is important to remember that such insurance is an investment in your family’s future. Term insurance can not only cushion the financial burden in the event of an unexpected death, but also provide you and your family with additional protection. In this article, we explain what parents should look for when choosing term insurance and how to choose the right coverage for themselves and their family.

The importance of term insurance for families

The death of a family member is a painful loss that can often take an emotional and financial toll on families. It can be challenging to prepare for this situation, but proper risk provision can help children and survivors deal with financial difficulties in times of grief.

Continuation of pay for sports accidents

Unfortunately, accidents during sports are not uncommon. They can result in injuries that require extended time away from work. In such cases, pay continuation takes effect. Under this provision, if an employee is unable to work due to a sports injury, the employer must continue to pay the employee full salary, even if the employee is unable to work.

However, continuation of pay only applies if the accident occurred during a non-work athletic activity. This means that, for example, an accident at a company soccer game or in the cafeteria team is considered an occupational injury and is accordingly covered by the workers’ compensation board. In this case, the continued payment of wages does not apply.