Accadis – career opportunities through education

Accadis is a private university in Bad Homburg that specializes in practice-oriented degree programs as well as part-time continuing education programs. With its wide range of subjects, such as business, tourism, media or sports management, Accadis offers a perfect bridge between education and work.

The goal of Accadis is to provide its students with a high level of academic training that also includes practical experience. The practical nature of the courses is also reflected in close cooperation between the university and companies, which opens up a wide range of career opportunities for graduates.

Another advantage of Accadis is its individualized attention to its students. The manageable size of the university allows personal contact between lecturers and students, which leads to a high level of motivation and close cohesion within the university community.

Training at Accadis therefore not only opens up the best opportunities for starting a career, but also gives you the chance to develop personally and make important contacts for the future. Accadis is the ideal choice for those seeking a high level of academic education while gaining practical experience.

Education and career: Accadis brings them together

Accadis is a leading private university in Germany that aims to join education and the profession. This means that our focus is not only on academic training, but also on preparing our students for the demands of the working world. To this end, we have created numerous internship and career opportunities in collaboration with major companies.

Our curricula are designed to strengthen our students in their subject knowledge as well as in soft skills such as teamwork and communication. We value the fact that our graduates not only have a degree, but also the skills and experience they need to succeed in their careers.

  • We offer a wide range of bachelor’s and master’s degree programs in a variety of fields, including business administration, engineering, computer science and psychology.
  • Our faculty consists of experienced professors and practitioners who bring their expertise to the classroom.
  • We have built a strong relationship with companies to provide internship and career opportunities for our students to prepare them for the workforce.

Accadis is the perfect choice for students seeking a quality education combined with a career pathway. With us, you can achieve your career goals and start your professional future. Take a look at our study programs and find out how we can support you!

Accadis - career opportunities through education

Our study programs

At Accadis Hochschule Bad Homburg, we offer our students a wide range of bachelor’s and master’s degree programs in various disciplines. Whether you are interested in business management, communications management, or sports management, you are sure to find the right fit with us.

One of our most popular bachelor’s degree programs is a bachelor of arts in business administration. Here you will gain in-depth knowledge of management, marketing and finance, laying the foundation for a successful career in business. For those interested in pursuing a career in the sports industry, we offer the Bachelor of Arts in Sports Management program.

In addition to our bachelor’s degree programs, we also offer a variety of master’s degree programs. This includes, for example, the Master of Arts in International Communication Management, which is aimed at students who are interested in the topics of marketing and communication in an international context.

Our goal is to prepare our students in the best possible way for a successful career. We therefore attach great importance to ensuring that our degree programs are practical and innovative, and offer you the best prospects for your future career.

  • Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration
  • Bachelor of Arts in Sports Management
  • Master of Arts in International Communication Management

Practice-oriented education at Accadis

Accadis is a college that prepares its students for the challenges of the working world. A practice-oriented education is of great importance in this context. To ensure this, Accadis works closely with companies to provide students with opportunities to gain practical experience.

The curricula are also designed to provide practical training. Through projects and case studies, students can directly apply the knowledge gained from lectures and thus better prepare themselves for the professional world.

Close supervision from instructors and professors also provides hands-on training. Supervisors are always available to help students with problems and questions.

  • Practical curricula
  • case studies and projects
  • Collaboration with companies
  • Supervision by lecturers and professors

These factors help ensure that Accadis students receive a hands-on education that prepares them for the challenges of professional life.

Career opportunities for Accadis graduates

Accadis is a renowned university that offers a bridge between education and profession. Graduates of this university have excellent career opportunities in various industries.

With a degree from Accadis, graduates can work in fields such as marketing, business, management, finance and many others. The university has dedicated degree programs that teach a wide range of skills and abilities needed for a successful career.

Career prospects for Accadis graduates are promising. The university has a strong liaison office that helps graduates enter the workforce. Graduates have access to a wide network of alumni and companies that help them find jobs and build careers.

Accadis - career opportunities through education

In addition, Accadis graduates can benefit from the university’s excellent reputation. The university has a strong reputation for quality education and excellent graduates who are respected in business and other industries. Therefore, the career opportunities for Accadis graduates are very promising.

  • Qualified teaching staff.
  • Flexible study programs.
  • Effective internship and job placement.
  • Strong focus on recognition and networking.

Accadis – link between education and work

Accadis is a renowned university in Hesse, Germany, which offers its students an excellent education. However, the university goes a step further by providing its graduates with a comprehensive career network.

With the aim of optimally preparing its graduates for the job market, Accadis offers various career services. Includes career days, internship programs and presentations by area employers.

Through these measures, Accadis supports its graduates in career development, allowing them to apply and build their knowledge and skills in a professional environment.

Accadis prides itself on bridging the gap between education and career, providing its graduates with the tools and support they need to be successful in their careers.

  • Study: The university offers a variety of study programs tailored to the needs of students.
  • Internships: Students have the opportunity to apply and strengthen their skills through internships at companies in the region.
  • Career counseling: the university’s career counselors assist students in preparing their resumes and help them prepare for interviews.
  • Network: Accadis offers a network of alumni, employers and partners to help students develop their careers.

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